Noah Dechamps, also known as Light Striking.

I was a basket-ball player for most of my life. It was my dream and I hoped to have a successful carrer and actually, I played professional before the covid-19 pandemic, but sometimes life has other plans.

Beside basket-ball I use to be that kid that drew a lot and was always involed into artistic project such as creating comic books, acrylic paintings, sculpting figures,… But everything became very concrete when I had a photography classe in 2018. I just fell in love with creating images, emotions and stories.

Photography is for me a medium that captures a moment and an emotion on a silver emulsion.

The video allows me to go even further than the image. It allows me to give movement to an image, and to accompany it with sound to accentuate the emotions. I would say that my directing style is very based on compostion first.

It’s just about playing with the light to make you feel what I see through the viewfinder.

Since november 2021 I create a creative production collective with two other fellows. Our Collective is named Seven Moons.

This name naturally came up because on our first project we had to create from A to Z our first music video in 7 nights.

By the way, I only do analog photography, and I hope to do the same for my video work.

My Queef’s interview :